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Navigating the NICU Care Team: Who to Ask What

May 15, 2024

The NICU can feel like a whirlwind of unfamiliar faces and complex medical equipment.  Understanding the different roles and who to ask what questions will help you stay informed and involved in your baby’s care.  

Here’s a roadmap to navigating communication with the NICU team.

Understanding the NICU Team and Your Questions


These specialized doctors are your baby’s primary physicians, overseeing your baby’s care and treatment plans.

Ask Them About: Specific medical procedures, treatment plans, long-term health prospects, and potential risks or alternatives to current treatments.


NICU Nurses

They provide around-the-clock care and are a primary source of day-to-day updates on your baby’s feeding, sleeping, and overall well-being.

Ask Them About: Daily condition changes, feeding, sleep patterns, and safe caregiving techniques like swaddling, bathing, or feeding. They can also help you interpret your baby’s cues like cries and movements.


Respiratory Therapists 

These specialists focus on breathing support, managing ventilators and other respiratory support equipment.

Ask Them About: The purpose and function of specific machines and how they support your baby’s breathing.


Lactation Consultants

If breastfeeding is part of your plan, these experts can provide breastfeeding and pumping support.

Ask Them About: Breastfeeding techniques, pumping strategies, storing breast milk, and ensuring your baby receives optimal nutrition.


Social Workers

They provide emotional and logistical support to families navigating the NICU journey.

Ask Them About: Support groups, resources for financial assistance, accommodation near the hospital, and navigating hospital policies regarding visitation and parental participation.


Occupational and Physical Therapists

Focusing on growth, they ensure your baby’s developmental needs are met.

Ask Them About: Developmental milestones they monitor and any specific interventions your baby might need.



These specialized dietitians create personalized dietary plans for optimal growth and development.

Ask Them About: Your baby’s nutritional needs, especially if there are concerns about low birth weight or growth issues.


Tips for Effective Communication

  1. Open-Ended Questions: This encourages detailed responses and helps you gain more comprehensive insights into your baby’s care.
  2. Journaling: Document your questions and the information provided by the NICU team to help track your baby’s progress and any ongoing concerns.
  3. Rounds Participation: If possible, join the medical team during their rounds to hear discussions about your baby’s care and progress.
  4. Technology: Ask your hospital is they offer Use any digital tools for updates or communication, especially if you cannot be in the NICU all the time.
  5. Seeking Clarification: Always ask for clarification if medical jargon or explanations are unclear. Ensuring you fully understand the information provided can help your peace of mind.


The NICU team is dedicated to both your baby’s well-being and your family’s emotional strength.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, big or small.  Effective communication fosters a collaborative environment, empowering you to be a key member of your baby’s care team.

Remember, no question is insignificant when it comes to your child’s health. Open communication paves the way for a more confident and informed journey through your NICU experience.

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