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Books and Other Resurces

Navigating the NICU journey can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Books can be a powerful source of comfort, knowledge, and support.

Here at A Million Little Miracles, we’ve compiled a list of highly-rated books recommended by NICU parents and professionals.

Medical Books

Our Mission

Because of these challenges, we were inspired to start A Million Little Miracles, a platform where we share the knowledge we’ve gained, extend support to families navigating the often turbulent waters of the NICU, and advocate for the needs of these families.

We understand the worries, the hopes, and the joys that define this journey because we’ve walked this path ourselves.

Today, we’re proud to share that our daughter is now healthy and thriving. Her journey from those early days in the NICU to the vibrant and joyful child she has become fills us with so much hope. 

We believe that every little life is a miracle. Our nonprofit was founded to empower and support families who have a baby in the NICU. We know firsthand the unique emotions, uncertainty, and strength required on this journey. Our mission is to provide NICU families and the communities that support them with vital resources, educational materials, and a network of support.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to join us, whether you’re a NICU parent, a healthcare provider, a volunteer, or simply someone who wants to make a difference.

Together, we can turn the challenges of the NICU into stories of hope, strength, and resilience.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.